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Stay Out of Trouble on Two Wheels

Cycling in Catalonia is one of the most popular ways to enjoy this municipality. Fantastic roads, immense views, and a warm, welcoming cycling community.

2021 is shaping up to be extremely busy again, with a significant increase in recent bookings of flights and holiday packages being reported. As with all foreign travel, whether in a car or on a bike you need to know the rules and regulations of the country you’re travelling to.

Familiarising yourself before your trip will help you stay safe and out of trouble with the local Policía.

Here is a list of the key rules for Cycling in Catalonia you need to know.

What You Should Know about Cycling in Catalonia

Nothing spoils a holiday more than an unexpected fine, right? That is what is likely to happen if you are caught breaking the Spanish Cycling Laws. Some laws would seem quite obvious, but others a little less so. Here are our top eight for starters:

Key Laws and Common Sense

  1. Catalans drive on the right-hand side – never ride against the flow of traffic, and always stick to the right-hand or middle lane where possible.
  2. Between sunset and sunrise, reflective clothing is a requirement.
  3. Your bike must be fitted with front and rear lights and a rear reflector.
  4. A bell is mandatory – no substitutes here, please!
  5. Hand signals are obligatory at any time you intend to turn or change direction:
    1. Stopping – extend your left arm, point it downwards and raise it up and down
    2. Turning right – extend your right arm
    3. Turning left – extend your left arm
  6. The use of bus lanes is strictly prohibited for bikes
  7. You must use a designated bike lane or trail if it is available and not exceed the 30km/h speed limit
  8. Do not use your mobile phone or other device while cycling

The Less Obvious Laws You Should Know

  • Hold on Tight – Both hands are to remain on the handlebars unless you are signalling.
  • Can you hear me? – Music is not allowed whilst on your bike, so no headphones or earbuds.
  • Parking is not so free – parking is only permitted in designated spaces. Never attach your bike to a bench, streetlight, or other public amenities.
  • Social distancing with a difference – You are required to leave a gap of five metres between you and any building facade you may be passing.
  • Slowly, slowly – When cycling in public parks and other pedestrianised areas, pedestrians have priority, and the speed limit is 10 km/h.
  • Keep your hat on – Well, helmet, in this case! Bike helmets are not compulsory for adults, but why wouldn’t you? We would absolutely consider it as crucial as Cycling Insurance and the other items on our essential packing guide.

Fancy Yourself as a Rule Breaker?

Just in case you are thinking of being a maverick and breaking a few rules, this is what you can expect to be fined:

  • Dodgy brakes – €80
  • No lights – €200
  • Jumping the lights – €200
  • No bell – €80
  • No high-vis – €200

And finally, being caught under the influence on your bike will cost you €500. That’s an expensive beer.

Don’t Miss Out on Cycling in Catalonia

We can’t wait to get the summer cycling season started here. We love nothing more than helping clients build their perfect cycling tour.

Safety is always a top priority – along with making sure you get the most out of your break.

Last year many missed out on their holidays – a recent influx of enquiries tells us people definitely intend to make up for it this year. Don’t be that guy, gal, or family who missed out on Cycling Catalonia in 2021 because you left it too late!

Contact Bicilona now and get the wheels in motion.