Prepare Early and Enjoy Your Cycling Adventure in Catalonia

If you plan to go cycling in Girona (and seriously, who wouldn’t want to?), you should create your packing list early. Being well prepared will ensure that you have a great cycling holiday and make the most of your time in this amazing location.

Our Girona cycling holiday is one of our most popular cycling tours. It’s a trip you’ll be salivating over, but leaving your packing until the last minute will be a mistake. You’ll forget something you need or that is crucial to you enjoying your trip. Worse, you might need to nip to the shops and pick it up and can’t find it.

What Don’t You Need for Cycling in Girona?

Our 6-day, 5-night tour from Barcelona to Girona takes you from coast to countryside. You’ll visit the historic town of Girona, and cycle on some of the area’s best routes through breath-taking scenery. Spending a few nights in a private villa, you’ll get the chance to savour local cuisine, wines, and irresistible local culture.

First, let’s think about the things you won’t need to pack:
 You won’t need to pack any food. Your tour chef creates amazing paellas and tapas, as well as scrumptious and healthy barbecues. And we’ll supply energy snacks en route, too.
 We supply your bike. That’s a weight off your mind – though being carbon-fibre, it’s not much weight for you to peddle.
 With a support vehicle en route, you won’t need to bring spare parts or tools, either.
 We also send you a selection of photos, Strava stats and 3D playback of your tour. So, you won’t need to bring a Go-Pro with you – though you can if you wish, of course.

Your Essential Packing for Cycling in Girona with Bicilona

Now we’ve got past what you don’t need, let’s break your essential packing list into four categories: clothing; electrical equipment; personal items; other.

 Padded shorts – you’ll be in the saddle for a few hours each day
 Short-sleeve tops – it gets hot cycling through Girona
 Long-sleeve tops – just in case you suffer one of the handful of cold days here
 Waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers – because you just never know!
 Cap and sunglasses – because 95% of the time here, the sun is out

Other clothing items that you’ll need include leg warmers, overshoes, and gloves. And, of course, bring some smart casual wear for a night or two on the town.

Electrical Equipment
 Mobile phone and charger – to keep in touch and let people know what an amazing cycling tour you are having
 Camera and charger – because you will want to take back those memories to share
 Adapters – we’ll probably have a few, but if you take your own, you’ll be certain

You might also decide to bring your laptop or iPad. If you use a heart rate monitor, then bring this, too.

Personal Items
 A couple of water bottles – you’ll need refreshment
 Hydration tablets
 Sun cream – a must, whatever time of year you are cycling in Girona
 Personal medication – we’ll have a first aid kit (though you can bring your own, if you wish)
 Your wash kit – don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste

Depending on what you want from your spare time, you might decide to bring a book with you or smart device to listen to music.

 Passports and travel tickets – otherwise you won’t get here!
 Booking documentation – so that we can confirm your booking.
 Debit/credit cards and cash – don’t be the one who ‘left my wallet at home’.
 Your travel visa if necessary – so that you can enter the country legally.
 Your health insurance documents – we’re sure that nothing will happen, but better to be safe than sorry.
 Phrase book – to converse with the locals like a local.

Tailor Your Packing List for Cycling Holidays in Girona

This isn’t a comprehensive list of things you’ll want to pack. There will be items unique to you – that lucky charm you take on every cycling trip, for example. What this list does provide is the essentials to travel with when you’re on a cycling holiday in Girona. Providing you have everything on this list, you’ll be ready to enjoy a wonderful Girona cycling holiday and prepared for a incredible adventure.