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Bicilona Tours specialise in unique road bike tours and cycling experiences starting in Barcelona and heading out the city. See something new, discover something different and explore the beauty of Catalonia by bike.

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All our tours are guided and have been carefully designed to provide the safest and most enjoyable rides. Based on our knowledge and experience of cycling in Catalonia, we've got it all worked out so you don't have to. Choose from our recommended tour list.


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“Excellent day out with the gents from Bicilona Tours. We escaped the busy metropolis of Barcelona and took in magnificent views while climbing to Tibidabo. I was further rewarded with a beach cruise to Montgat, which also offered wonderful views along the coast and back to Barcelona. For any keen cyclists, especially traveling solo, their guidance and local knowledge was outstanding.”

David M.,
Personalised Tour

“This was a very enjoyable trip alongside Barcelona’s beaches using the mass of very safe cycle routes to a lunch stop about 12 km along the coast. Our host Kat was excellent and knowledgeable, and helped make it an excellent day out. Definitely recommended”

Jeremy E.,
Barcelona and Beyond Beach Tour

"We loved it! There’s so much to see in Barcelona it’s easy to not think about going outside the city. But take the time to go up the coast a little and you won’t be disappointed. This bike tour does just that. Great bikes; fun, knowledgable guides; and spectacular views. The only problem – you might not want to go back to the city at all! Highly recommended."

Rob D.,
Barcelona and Beyond Beach Tour

"Amazing day! so nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to actually experience what Catalunya is like by cycling out to a really quiet beach and then stopping for food in a family run Catalan beach cafe. The tour guides 'Kat and Nico' are absolutely brilliant and make every part of the tour seem effortless! Definitely should be on everyones to do list! Thanks again guys!"

Jacob M,
Barcelona and Beyond Beach Tour

"You think Barcelona is a great place to visit? Wait until you get on one of these trips. I was really surprised how much more there is to see and visit beside the city itself. Took 2 trips during my holiday. The first one, along the coastline was pretty relaxing. I was astonished with how many calm places for sunbathing you can find not far from the center. I would highly recommend that trip for families. The second one was the Tibidabo Callenge and man... it was exhausting!!! But never felt better in my life when we got to the top of that hill. It was totally worth it - the road, the view, the downhill - everything was really amazing. I highly recommend Bicilona tours and I'll surely come back and try the other ones they have - nice service, 100% professional - it was a pleasure.

Bartek J,
Tibidabo Challenge
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