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Where Do You Start Your Search?

Have you ever wondered where are the best places to visit in Spain?

There are so many beautiful places, it’s hard to know where to start your search for that next holiday. How about Catalonia? The region that boasts Barcelona as its capital received more than 19 million visitors in 2019. According to the Government of Catalonia, tourism accounts for 12% of the Catalan economy. It’s easy to see why.

Catalonia has something for all the family. From jaw-dropping natural parks, beautiful historical towns, quaint fishing villages, to vibrant cities, you will never be short of something to do here.

Here we share with you some of what we consider to be the best places to visit in Catalonia, Spain.

Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Spain 2021

We love Spain and especially Catalonia – our home region.

Every year our love of this place grows, as we discover secret treasures we never knew about before So we have put a cheeky little caveat in here: these are our best places for 2021 – but who knows, in 2022 we may have even more favourite discoveries!

1.     Tarragona

A beautiful port town on the Costa Daurada coastline, situated about 100km from Barcelona. The historical Romanesque presence is clear in the well-preserved architecture of the town, especially the exquisite Tarragona Cathedral. Protected by UNESCO, the listed buildings of the Aquaduct Remains, the Roman Circus of Tarragona, and the Roman Amphitheatre are an absolute must-see. You can almost hear the chariots clattering on the cobbles!

Away from the medieval streets lies Barrio del Serrallo, a charming fishing port. It hosts the local fishing fleet and, of course, a stack of restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day. What’s not to love here?

2.     Cadaqués and Cap de Creus Natural Park

On the Costa Brava coastline and approximately 170km from Barcelona, you’ll find the picturesque old town of Cadaqués with its whitewashed houses, sitting in a beautiful sheltered bay. For decades, this village has attracted artists and culturalists alike. A pretty and vibrant place with several galleries and museums to while away your time.

Close by is the Cap de Creus Natural Park, a reserve perfect for connecting with nature. Situated on The Creus Peninsula you can explore the rocky, unspoilt coastline and swim in the clearest of turquoise Mediterranean waters.

3.     Sitges

Centred around its two famous churches, Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu and the Iglesia de Santa Tecla, Sitges boasts many Spanish modernist monuments throughout the town. The Cau Ferrat Museum, once home to artist and author Santiago Rusiñol, houses the world’s largest collection of wrought iron.

Only 42km from Barcelona, you can expect a relaxed bohemian atmosphere, calm waters, and blue flag beaches with golden sands. A definite favourite for its gastronomic cuisine, you will find an abundance of renowned restaurants specialising in dishes of the Catalan region.

4.     Girona

We believe that Girona cycling tours are the best in Europe, but there is so much more to tell. Often referred to as the jewel in the crown of Catalonia, Girona is certainly one of the best places to visit in Spain.

On the right bank of the Onya River is the Old Town, packed with narrow pedestrian streets and buildings oozing its diverse cultural heritage. Influenced by the Romans, Jews, and Moorish-era Arabs, you can’t help but be impressed by the historic quarters. Whether you want to explore the gothic cathedral, the 12th-century monastery, the well-preserved Jewish quarter, or just meander the shops and restaurants of the old town, you will undoubtedly be mesmerised by what Girona has to offer.

5.     Barcelona

So close to Girona, Barcelona is another one of Spain’s best places to visit. Barcelona is home to Catalonia’s amazing cuisine, but the terrific city has much, much more to offer.

We love the fact that this town is so eclectic. It has a personality all its own. Divided into four quarters – gothic, old town, eixample, and central. Together with outer Barcelona and, of course, the beach, you will have a new and different experience every day. Whether you want history, art, culture, cuisine, shopping, or beach life, Barcelona has it all. It’s so diverse it’s like a microcosm of the whole of Catalonia – perhaps you don’t need to go anywhere else at all!

Wondering How to Fit it All In?

The choice of stunning places to visit is endless here in Catalonia.

Girona and Barcelona offer so much and are particularly easy to get around by bike. This makes it very accommodating to pack many experiences into a single break.

Either of these cities makes a great base. And if you want to venture a little further out, both cities have excellent train links – you can even take your bike on the train if it’s not too busy.

We specialise in bike tours, helping you make the most of your time both in and out of the saddle. Whether it’s a day out of your city break or you want to add some adventure to your beach holiday, we would love to share our expertise with you.

Contact Bicilona now and let’s see how many of the best places to visit in Spain we can pack into your trip.