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A Quick Guide to the Perfect Time to Cycle in Spain

Road cycling holidays can be a perfect way to discover new countries, cities, and cultures. You can easily combine a cycling holiday with other activities too ─ sightseeing, sampling local food and drink, hiking, visiting historic sites, and more.

Once you have decided to go on a road cycling holiday to Spain (a great decision, by the way), you’ll need to decide when to go. What is the perfect season for your road cycling holiday?

Why You Should Try Road Cycling Holidays in Spain

Spain offers a wide variety of road cycling options. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or an intense physical challenge, you’ll find it here.

There are many cycling tours to choose from ─ from short coastal rides to long mountain climbs. You can cycle through the beautiful countryside or explore Spanish cities on your bike. You can also cycle through parks or along beachfronts. And a cycling holiday also gives you the opportunity to become immersed in the local culture, get to know the people, and learn about the country’s history and heritage.

Which Is the Best Season for Road Cycling Holidays in Spain?

Conventional wisdom tells us that the best time of the year for cycling is when it is neither too hot nor too cold. Most of Spain is bathed in glorious (and hot) sunshine during the months of July and August. Parts of Spain suffer severe cold in the depths of winter.

So, conventional wisdom would direct you toward the months of April, May and June, and September, October and running into November.

But conventional wisdom does not know Catalonia.

The Best Season for Road Cycling Holidays in Catalonia is… All Seasons!

There is no best season for cycling in Catalonia. The weather is always great for cycling, the roads are always open, and the scenery is always beautiful. With so many different cycling routes available, you can enjoy a unique experience every time you go out on a ride.

Catalonia has a diverse landscape which means that there are many diverse types of cycling routes available. Whether you are looking for a leisurely bike ride or an adrenaline-pumping mountain biking experience, Catalonia has something for everyone!

A Diverse Cycling Experience Is to Be Found in Catalonia

While the weather is always great for cycling in Catalonia, it is also true that summers are hot and winters (especially in the northern, most expanse part of the region) are colder. The answer is to adjust the type of cycling you do and where.

For example, on those hottest of summer days, what could be more perfect than cycling along coastal roads, with the sea breeze in your hair? Take a break and do a spot of sunbathing on one of the north Mediterranean’s iconic beaches.

Or you might like to avoid the hustle of the city and take the opportunity to explore the mountain climbs in the Pyrenees, where you’ll find the warmth is not overbearing when cycling.

Autumn is the perfect time to take a break and discover the wines of the region. Each wine tour is a new adventure, with delights to be found on quiet, rural roads.

In the Catalonian winter and spring, stay closer to where the action is. Experience the many festivals that take place in the towns and cities of Catalonia, including, of course, the tremendous Christmas celebrations, The Three Kings (often referred to as the ‘Spanish Christmas’), and Semana Santa (Easter).

How to Decide When to Take a Road Cycling Holiday in Spain

When people ask us when the best season is to cycle in Spain, we simply say, “Choose Catalonia and then decide on the experience you wish to have.”

It is what you want to do out of the saddle as much as in it that should be your guide. Let us know this, and we can help you choose not only when to tour Catalonia by bike, but where you should tour to have the perfect road cycling holiday in Spain.

To start designing your perfect road cycling holiday in Spain, contact Bicilona today.