[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992 have changed the city forever and on an unprecedented scale. Nowadays, Barcelona is an extremely popular tourist destination, a city of 1.5 milion visited by over 30 milion annualy.

The promotional campaign of the city council was launched with such an eagerness that the number of people who volunteered to assist at the Games beat all previous Olympics. An astonishing 102 thousand people expressed their interest in participating in the volunteering scheme. Mayor Serra felt that the citizenry needed enthusiasm and a common goal they could take part in. Incredibly and unprecedentedly so, the recruitment of the population into the scheme of volunteering for the sports ceremony began even before Barcelona was nominated as a host! As early as February 1986, an Olympic bus went around capitals of all autonomous regions of Spain and all the administrative districts of Catalonia encouraging the people to engage in the project. Reportedly the arrival of the bus turned into spontaneous parties and shows of appreciation for the upcoming ceremony. There was definitely unanimous content all around Spain about the Games.More than 35 thousand people out of whom almost 17 thousand were from Barcelona completed the complex 4-year- long training programme just before 1992 and became certified volunteers. Many friendships and relationships were formed in the course of the Games, boasted a city council-backed post- Olympic Games participation report,adding gleefully that the first child conceived by two 1992 volunteers was named Olimpia. How about that for supporting a cause? The Barcelona city council, as a thank you to over 30 thousand people who helped organise the Olympics, dedicated a newly built square to the volunteers and left the Olimpic port for the inhabitants of the city to enjoy as they see fit. Just a few weeks ago, the legendary track fixie bicycle race Red Hook Crit was held there! In the spirit of friendship, solidarity, fair play…and badass bikes. Nice one, Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992.


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