Bike box packing giving you a headache? When all you want to do is think of the holiday you recently booked going somewhere warm and lovely in Europe? We’ve got the tips you need for your flight. Here, we outline all you need to know about packing your bike for your cycling holiday. Read on for advice on how to get you holiday-ready.

  1. Bike bath time!
    As obvious as this may sound, clean your bicycle before you pack it. This saves your frame from scratches and your chain from muck build-up. Also, cover the chain and the cassette with plastic bags. This protects the bike and the bike box or bike bag from getting greasy.

  2. Mark your measurements!
    If you do not fancy struggling to get your seat just-right on arrival do one of two things. Either measure the height of the seatpost with a measuring tape or mark the right height with PVC tape…Almost ready to go into your bike box or bag. 

  3. Pick it apart!
    The aim here is to reduce the height of the bike to about 1 metre (39in). To do this: remove the front wheel and put the seatpost down or take it out entirely. Then, unscrew the pedals and turn the handlebars so they’re flush with the frame.

  4. Deflate the tyres?
    Interestingly, Cycling UK have explained in a recent article that it’s unnecessary. The changes in external pressure on a plane cannot possibly be significant enough to burst tyres they say. Besides, bike tyres are designed to withstand bigger pressure changes when you’re riding. So even though some airlines will ask you to do this, now you can stop worrying about your tyres exploding in the bike box. 

  1. Protect precious parts!
    Rotate bells and mobile holders downwards, remove all lights and bubble wrap all delicate bits. Also, although most bike bags come with mechanisms to secure the frame, we recommend that you fasten the wheels and the frame together for extra protection. Bubble wrap and PVC tape make a great team.

  2. Take your tools!
    Do not forget any of the following essentials to take in your bike box: allen key, multitool, pedal wrench, chain grease, cable ties and travel bike pump. Don’t forget you need to pick your bike apart again for your return flight. So you want to make sure you also pack some cleaning cloths, bubble wrap and PVC tape.

Voilà! Your bike is travel-ready. Wasn’t so hard, was it? If you’re unsure if your airline thinks the same way and think their policies look very hard indeed to decipher, head to Part Two of the series. There, we break down all rules and regulations for flights within Europe for five largest airlines.If you can’t pack your bike… and fancy using one of our carbon fibre bikes, book one of our guided cycling holidays in and around Barcelona.

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