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Critical Mass Barcelona is for you

Critical Mass Barcelona is something we local cyclists absolutely love! And you can be a part of it. So, once a month, you and anyone you know who can get their hands on a bike, are free to join the largest gathering of cyclists in the city. But what is the Massa Critica?

Display of bikes

Originating in San Francisco in 1992, Critical Mass now takes place as a monthly event in over 300 cities around the world. It’s a display of all types of bikes. Firstly, you get the the fun and quirky and then, the simply outrageous. Additionally- BMX to fixies, road bikes to Penny Farthings and unique custom bikes. You can even spot the odd city Bicing tagging a long too. But what do the riders do?

The riders

Cyclists will convene at a given time on the same occurring day of the month. Then, they all head off en masse on a ride with a random route with up to 1000 riders. By the way, probably the largest ever Critical Mass recorded was in Budapest in 2008 with over 80,000 riders! It’s a purely fun event seen as a form of peaceful protest for cyclists to reclaim the streets. So it’s like saying to other traffic: This is what would happen if we all came together, so look, we’re not so bad when we’re all spread-out around Barcelona.

Barcelona special editions

With no specified route and with no real organisation the ‘mass’ will move from one area to the next across the city bringing the traffic to a standstill. The huge range of riders from families and couples to friends, kids and solo riders – each month’s Critical Mass Barcelona takes on a different theme. From fancy dress on Halloween to water fight in summer. Also, let’s not forget the guy who rides around booming out techno tunes from his huge speakers attached to his bike! The cruising procession consequently usually attracts a lot of attention from by-standers with passing cyclists joining in the fun.

When and where

Critical Mass Barcelona is a unique chance to join like-minded people. You can experience the feeling of taking the city and owning the roads in a huge group with a party atmosphere. However, it’s only once a month so don’t miss it as you’re invited! Make sure you head down to Arc de Triomf at 8pm every first Friday of the month. We’ll be there, we love all things bikes.

Viva la bici! Viva la Massa Critica!