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Barcelona by Bicilona

This Catalonia Cycling Blog takes you from the most loved to the least known in Barcelona. We have been enjoying living in Barcelona so we want to give you our best tips about the city. We explain all about the language, culture and history as well as recommend what to eat, what to see and how to cycle in the city.

Catalonia Cycling Blog

Afterwards, the best part: we talk going beyond Barcelona to discover Catalonia  as Bicilona specialises in unique cycling experiences starting from Barcelona and exploring Catalonia. We also packed our articles full of practical tips so you arrive ready to explore. Travelling with your bike? Need to pack it? What conditions to expect? Which routes to take? We have you covered for all the basics, but if you have any specific questions, contact us and we will be happy to help!

…and more!

For the fun part, we talk about our favourite cycling events in the local area. We include epic rides around Catalonia and cruising the city of Barcelona.  Also, in this blog: the parties here and the coolest bikes on the planet.


Why is Barcelona so popular? We have the answer

Why is Barcelona so popular? Every year, something incredible happens in the city of Barcelona. Over 30 milion tourists from all over the world visit the city of only 1.5 milion. The city swells up as people arrive by planes from all continents. They drive in...

5 Reasons to go on a bike tour

Here are our top 5 reasons to go on a bike tour With many different types of bike tours available in all cities and places across the world, it’s no wonder it’s becoming an essential holiday activity. Travelling is all about seeing something new, discovering a...

camp nou barcelona stadium in the rain
My Camp Nou experience

FC Barcelona Camp Nou Despite being commonly referred to as the Nou Camp in English, the true name of the home to FC Barcelona is ‘Camp Nou’, (pronounced camp now). It literally translates from Catalan as ‘New Field’.  The first game played at Camp Nou was...

La Volta a Catalunya cycling race near Barcelona

How long is La Volta de Catalunya? Have a tough Monday and then some this week? Spare a thought for professional cyclists training year round for spring. In March, they embark on the world-famous La Volta a Catalunya. The cycling race in south-eastern Spain takes seven days....

Bicing in Barcelona – all you need to know in English

To Bicing or not to Bicing? Fascinated by the Spanish cycling ways but in a long-distance relationship with Spanish grammar? Just landed and trying to impress your travelling triathlon trio with bike facts? Local and Bicing-curious? Read on, this is a simple breakdown for everyone. We...

bike box or bag requires you to turn the handlebars
Bike box or bag – how to pack it for a flight?

Bike box packing giving you a headache? When all you want to do is think of the flight you recently booked going somewhere warm and lovely in Europe? We've got the tips you need. Welcome to Part One of the series where we discuss all...

cycling in barcelona is safe if you follow the rules
Cycling in Barcelona – safer and ever more popular

Barcelona City Council is pushing ahead with its ambitious 2013/ 2018 Urban Mobility Plan. It is a large 5 year framework which focuses on smart, healthy and fair transportation in Barcelona. It is also, according to the City Council, very important for the quality of...

Calling all bike commuters: make your miles matter!

Ever wake up in spring when it's still grey outside and walk quietly through the house trying to adjust a thousand belts and straps so they would not get in the way? And yet you're not annoyed in the slightest, you're very happy in...

Barcelona temperature I Catalonia cycling weather

The region of Catalonia enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and mild winters. The warm months offer plenty of sunshine - more than 10 hours a day – and rainclouds only make an appearance on the blue horizon about 15 days per year....

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